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NEW!! 🦁🐯🦊🐒🐴 Have you ever wondered what your spirit animal is? In ancient traditions to retrieve this powerful ally meant to recover a part of yourself, something that had been lost due to a difficult situation or some trauma. It is said that when your spirit animal appears you are now ready to fully embrace a new part of the self. A spirit animal retrieval is a powerful embodiment practice since it will allow you to integrate and become that which you are seeking. Maybe it means to have more willpower or to be more focused, maybe it means to let go of the fears that have been holding you back. Each spirit animal will bring you different gifts since they are all unique. By bringing in this energy you are awakening your true beautiful nature! 


DM me for more info and book your session!!  


1. Listen to the spirit animal meditation 

2. Book a session to get your Spirit Animal Consultation 30 mins on zoom (Download the Calendly link) 

3. I will ask you to send me a photo or to share your IG! 

3. Receive within a week your PDF art for IG  & also 12 X 12 Inches to print. 

4. You can also ask to receive  12 x12 canvas at your house + 65.00 USD  (Only available in the US) 

3. Be ready to experience the powerful wisdom of your new ally! 


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Spirit Animal Illustration

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