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About Me


Hi I'm Su

Hi, I'm Su Starbright


Welcome to my world...


Artistic expression is my biggest passion, to play in infinite ways. Story telling trough art poetry, music & movement. To birth worlds from the cosmic source of infinite potential. My life’s purpose is to bring beauty, healing & magic to the world. My mission to dream the most beautiful reality into existence alongside with you! 

I love experimenting with different artistic techniques and anything that allows me to dive deep into soul creation, experimentation, contemplation, and connection to nature's wisdom.

Talking to the spirit realm and communing with the elements knowing that magic is real if we only open ourselves to seeing beyond our wildest dreams remembering our divine right to live in harmony with everyone and everything. 

Sacred play is the most beautiful way to remember you came here to enjoy life and that healing can be done through art. 


Are you ready to play with me?

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