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About Me


Hi I'm Su

Artistic expression is my deepest passion; it's a profound calling to be a channel for creativity to flow through me. Art, poetry, music, and movement are not just forms of expression; they are prayers and offerings to the Earth. 

Creativity is my way of directly communicating with nature’s wisdom and its infinite potential for knowledge. My journey has been enriched by teachings from diverse ancestral lineages. In 2015 I received my first initiation as a medicine woman from the Q’ueros Inca shamanism and my direct teacher who lives in Costa Rica. 

My initiation into sacred plants involved various Colombian teachers who appeared in times of change and significant growth, as my journey has been one of self-discovery, entering into communion with them. During my travels to India, I received the lineage of the Vedantic tradition of Himalayan Yoga, where self-realization and the expansion of consciousness are sought through the practice of Kundalini and Kriya Yoga.


So, in my personal practice, I integrate different knowledge for my own spiritual, magical, and mystical development. My mission is to share my teachings from a place of deep reverence and love for my studies, always remaining a student of this life.


The intuitive magic course is a compilation on my studies and deep reverence to the ancestral lineages and traditions carried by them. 

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