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Get creative with this free bundle from The Intuitive Magic Journey. 



Step 1: Print out your oracle 

Step 2: Get your scissors and cut out your deck

Spet 3: Pull out one card of the 2 different categories and color intuitively. Allow your unconscious and the colors to do the work for you.


This free printable deck Includes: 

12 Printable cards of 2 different realms: 

1. The Spirit Animals for guidance.
2. Mantras to reignite your magical powers.


See Extended Version here


1 Guided Meditation from the sacred sexuality module of

The Intuitive Magic Journey


The Creatrix Activation: Awakening the Kundalini energy, returning to the source of creation, and connecting to infinite pleasure (source of power). 


With Love,





Free Intuitive Magic Bundle

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