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Beautiful beings, I am thrilled to tell you that every month I’ve decided to GIFT my time to soul family. I feel compelled to tell you that my biggest excitement is to be able to share my own unique gifts with others and help you awaken yours in the process. We are here on this earth to enjoy the beauty and abundance pachamama has to offer. We are here to birth a new way of relating to each other more compassionate. It is time for us to support each other in our full growth as humanity. This is why this is a sacred space created for you to be fully supported on your journey. 


About the sessions:


During this time we will navigate the realm of the unconscious mind by tapping into different frequencies and vibrations. I will help you remember, awaken, liberate and fine tune your vessels to soul potential. Each session is completely unique to your needs and the procedures may vary since this are soul channelings and I will only know what is needed by tapping into your frequency. 


During this sessions I will perform different energy practices like: 


1.Chakra Cleansing

2.Soul Retrieval


4.Past Life Regressions

5.Spirit Animal Retrieval 

6.Energy extractions 

7.Medicine of the 5 elements 

8.Archetype work 

9.Karmic Clearings 

10.Cutting energetic ties. 

11.Rewiring Beliefs 

What you might experience: 


-Energy flowing through your body 

-Emotions moving through 

-Light Codes 

-Healing tears 




If you woul like to book a session here is the link and 20%off Code for all services: Onelove

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