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Custom Design

Expression of beauty is the essence of the soul. 



Designing is an expression of who I am. I love creating pieces that bring out the most beautiful parts of the inner self, inspiration, vision, and dreams.


I go deep on the meaning of archetypes and see how it gives strength and visibility to others' personal power and beauty.


When doing commissions, I take time to get to know the person or project first. Once I fully understand what's needed, I can reflect and transmit their story through my art.


 I've worked on different projects, from textile pattern designs to Spotify album covers, home decor, packaging, and more. 


Whether you're a brand looking to have a soulful & unique visual identity or an artist wanting to collaborate, I'm open to creating magic together!


Spirit Animal Collage/Illustration

A spirit animal retrieval is an ancient technique to help you reclaim and regain personal power. During this session, we will travel on a shamanic journey to bring forward your spirit animal. I will capture the essence and vibration of this spirit through a unique piece of art that represents who you are to continually remind you of your power within. 

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