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Energy Healing

During our 1 on 1 Energy healing sessions,  I will  help you navigate your thoughts and vibration through a mediative state to access unconscious information stored in you. We will awaken hidden parts of yourself to reclaim what has been lost. During our journeys you will experience a state of trance and relaxation induced by the sweet frequencies of sound and voice.  I will help you remember and  bring forward information to help you heal traumas, manifest dreams, gain clarity on your path and reclaim your personal power. 

Every procedure is completely different according to your own personal needs. 

Some of the procedures may include: 

-Soul Retrieval 

-Spirit Animal Retrieval 

-Energy extractions 

-Medicine of the 5 elements 

-Archetype work 

-Karmic Clearings 

-Cutting energetic ties. 

-Rewiring Beliefs