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My passion became my purpose, and my purpose became my lifestyle when I started flowing and embracing my natural abilities, in other words, when I began embodying who I really was. 


My art and my work are a reflection of my inner world. I love to experiment with different techniques, from art to breathwork and personal power, to dive deep into creation. 


I realized that part of my job was not only to design but also being able to capture someone's essence and help them put it into the visuals so that they can share it with the world. 

I also guide people into creating a new way of living based on their natural abilities and take them through an in-depth exploration to find their inner essence and how to reflect it to the world. 


In this ongoing journey, I realized that some of the hardest parts of starting a project had to do with the amount of emotions that surround our dreams, and a big part of the success had to do with alignment. 

Starting a new project or embracing who you are is about believing that you are unique, and people will love you for your unique gifts, so with the right guidance, it's easy to flow and set the right intension, one that feels true to who you are.

When you stop hesitating, you can start living any dream you have. 


As for formal education, I studied Industrial Design and have a Masters Degree in Branding and Communication, from the IED in Milano, Italy. 

I've integrated my background, my entrepreneurial experiences, and personal development tools to create a journey of self-discovery, alignment, and self-realization for my clients. 


I now fully understand by sharing my natural gifts, the universe has created a particular way of bringing my true purpose and helping me realize the real beauty of being able to serve others. 


So are you ready to reflect your true essence and start living your dream?

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